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Different Types of Driveways

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Driveways are a short road leading from a public road to a house or garage, it is very useful for your daily lives as it makes the road more organize. There are many materials that can be used in order for you to have a proper driveway but there are also many disadvantages those materials have as well as advantages. In this article we will talk about different materials that can be used in a driveway, the prize of the material, and what’s the best materials for your own driveway. We are also going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using these materials and if they are worth it to put in the driveway you’re planning or holding. 

  • Concrete Material as a Driveway

Concrete driveways San Antonio concrete is quite a popular selection of the product as it is very durable compared to other driveway materials but despite that it has flaws too. The advantages you can get from getting a concrete driveway are it has great stability, it has traction, it’s suitable in winter, has a long life-span, and is low maintenance. The disadvantages you can get when having a concrete driveway are its expensive, it needs proper installation from a professional, and it can promote many environmental issues like storm runoffs. This product is perfect for places who experience winter and barely any storm, this is suitable for people who like low maintenance materials and are wealthier compared to other materials.  

  • Asphalt Material as a Driveway

Asphalt is quite similar to concrete material but it also has difference, the asphalt material is known for its visual and its looks once the process of installation is done. The advantages of using an asphalt driveway are that it has a nice stability, it has a great visual appeal, it’s great on winter days, and it has high traction. The disadvantages of using asphalt are it is quite high maintenance, it is also expensive, it has a short life, it needs professional for installations, and it widens environmental issues. This product is recommended for people who appreciate a nice visual appeal and don’t mind the high cost of the driveway product and the high maintenance feature of the product. 

  • AggregateMaterial as a Driveway 

The aggregate material is quite different compared to the other two driveway materials, it is known for its cheap price and its durability if applied in different materials like driveway. The advantages that you can get are it is cheaper, it has a great durability, it is low maintenance, it’s a great addition in environments, and it can be customized. The disadvantages of using an aggregate material are it has low visual appeal, it is not great in snow, it can rut, and it has a potential HOA covenant restriction. So, this product is recommended for people who are looking for a cheaper yet great driveway material and has a cleared HOA bylaws as they can affect the product much. 


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